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Die englische Ausgabe

Die englische Ausgabe des Buches "CATIA V5 Konstruktions-prozesse in der Praxis" heißt "CATIA V5 Design process in practise". Das Buch ist 1:1 ins englische übersetzt worden.

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This book will give you an idea how an optimal development process within a vehicle project starting from a design section up to the finished component can look like, if we tap the full parametric-associative potential CATIA V5 offers.

Designers who actively develop concepts and components, as well as concept engineers and the management get a global survey how it is possible to standardize and thus to optimise methods and processes in the complete development process of a vehicle project. A basic knowledge in CATIA V5 would in any case be useful and recommended in order to get a better understanding for the described processes and to be able to use the contents as basis of discussion.

The author does not go into details of single CATIA functionalities, since a description of functionalities does not stand in the fore-ground. The aim of this book rather consists in the definition of an optimised process chain in which all process partners have to be involved as effectively as possible. CATIA V5 simply represents the tool helping us to attain this goal.

This book arose from real vehicle projects and methodology workshops as well as from the long experience the author has gained in his role as CATIA V5 methodology developer.

Richard Haslauer is working as a specialist in the Center of Competence "Body design exterior" at BMW Group.

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 Copyright by Richard Haslauer